Here’s the situation: I’m 5’2, 118 lbs and in great health. I love eating all kinds of meat with the fat left on, and I can eat several eggs everyday. But I look at a bowl of rice or noodles, or even a naked baked potato, and my waist gains an inch. And if I eat it, I’m hungry again in less than an hour.

Kayla and her friend Dan, however, who are also very healthy, eat noodles and potatoes regularly and don’t put on an inch. BUT. They can’t digest beef well, even if they (especially Dan) loves it. A few bites and his stomach tells him to stop. Kayla doesn’t even try. She eats decent amounts of fish and chicken, but never as much as I do.

So, how do the three of us get the same healthy results eating so differently?? …

Turns out we’re at opposite ends of the metabolic scale—Kayla’s a 1, Dan’s a 2, and I’m a 5 and we each eat by our own number. If you know your number, you’ll know how to eat.

You’ve heard people say that thin people have a fast metabolism? Well, some do and some don’t. And some overweight people have faster metabolism than slimmer people. How can that be?

You don’t have to speed up to lose weight. What works is matching what you eat to your metabolism! — You eat to your number. That’s what Kayla and Dan do. They’re both at the leisurely, slow end of the metabolic scale and yet have no trouble maintaining a good weight.

If you don’t eat to your number, your body may make more fat than you want or you may have indigestion whenever you eat, or feel tired or “off” in some way. That’s what happened to me when I was vegan.

If you’re sick of these eating problems, find out your number here.