How come they can eat potatoes and not get fat – but I can’t?

Here’s the situation: I’m 5’2, 118 lbs and in great health. I love eating all kinds of meat with the fat left on, and I can eat several eggs everyday. But I look at a bowl of rice or noodles, or even a naked baked potato, and my waist gains an inch. And if I […]

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What about organic eggs?

What about organic?  An organic egg  is inferior nutritionally to a pasture-raised egg. It only means that the chickens or pigs ate feed free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs. But the feed could still be grains or soy. They live in covered concrete pens or in large cages where their feet may , never […]

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Term of the Week : “Pasture-Raised”

“Pasture-Raised”: Eggs, chickens and pigs raised on lush pastures, like in Neanderthal times. Or like in pastoral countrysides in Switzerland or Northern California where chickens and pigs munch on grass, herbs and juicy worms.

Farmers may supplement the grass with other feed, like barley or coconut or produce scraps, but the animals are out in the sunshine […]

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